The Askam Bowling Clubs Open Mixed Pairs competition takes place on Sunday, May 5, with 27 pairs competing for the Brenda Richards Memorial Trophy. The draw is as follows.

9am: E & G Casson, P & A McDonald, G Knowles & partner, D & S Shields, J Knowles & partner, K Bosson & G Richards, Bill Thompson & partner, Lian Knowles & partner.

9:45am: K Milburn & partner, M Proctor & partner, L Duggan & M Askew, M Fieldhouse & partner, Emma Thornton & partner, A & W Coates, K Judge & partner, G McDonald & A Mason.

10:30am: L Bosson & P Richards, K & I Clough, P Nott & Y Clark, M Cain & I Jones, W Holmes & I McDonald, P Jackson & partner.

11:30am: L Case & partner, E Latimer & partner, S & O Richards, C & S Bushell, K Knowles & partner.

Some places are still available, contact Peter Richards (07523 495780) for details.