Two competitive performances over the Easter period reinforced my view that we are getting there on the pitch.

We had Toronto rocked for an early spell in the first half and again at the end we showed our attacking abilities when amassing 26 points.

It was a different type of game on Monday at Bradford and one that I felt we could have edged. Bradford probably had slightly more territory and their points came on the back of that, but if they are a top-five side we aren’t far away.

With the return of Declan Hulme and Jono Smith just around the corner we are starting to get real competition for places and I’m convinced that elusive win isn’t far away.

Our next opponents, Featherstone, were impressive in beating York and pushing Toronto all the way so they will be no easy opponents, but I genuinely believe these are the type of fixtures we can genuinely win, especially at home.

I believe that the players we have will show us their true worth and results will improve. A lot of those players are on two year deals, but those who aren’t will be subject to discussion with Paul Crarey and me over the next few weeks.

We want to identify early who we want to retain and maybe others who need a little improvement over the remaining months of the season to win a deal. The conversations with those players will happen.

I know our position is a little precarious at the moment, but it is still our plan to grow the club.

We are improving in most areas and we appreciate recruitment is vitally important, especially for a club like Barrow that needs to convince most of our recruits to travel.

Hopefully, over the next few weeks the players we have will prove to us that we don’t need to make wholesale additions.

Off the field there has been a focus on Health and Safety in the last few weeks. Together with our H&S director Darren Herbert and our safety officer Karen Scarr, we have been trying to ensure that all our policies and procedures are in order and we are following them.

As a professional club, owning our own stadium, we must quickly ensure that Health and Safety is high up our agenda.

It is fair to say that we probably haven’t controlled our documents too well in the past and we plan to introduce a document library with document review cycles and appointing responsible people to ensure that we follow all those policies and guidelines.

We need to ensure that all our staff receive suitable training. No-one should come to either work at the ground or to support the team and go home injured.