THERE was something for everyone at Ulverston Leisure Centre this week as they put on their Easter holiday activity camp.

Around 22 children were in attendance for the camp and were split into two groups, the under-eights and the over-eights.

From there them taking part in a range of sports including football, cricket and dodgeball, along with fun games such as duck, duck, goose and cat and mouse for the younger age-group.

There was the opportunity to play on inflatables too and at lunchtime the children took part in a quiz, with some of them setting their own questions as well.

"It's just about doing things there are not to many rules or skills you need, because it's about them joining in, having fun and making new friends," said active communities coordinator Hannah Paling.

"We've got the usual girls and boys who like playing football, but not all of them like doing that, so we do games where everybody can play.

"The younger ones want to play different games to older children, so the older things can do a bit more advanced stuff because they understand the rules for certain games whereas the younger ones, you don't want to throw too much at them.

"But they're always learning different skills."

The camps at Ulverston Leisure Centre are a mainstay of the half-term programme at the Priory Road venue, with the two weeks over Easter seeing all sorts of sporting activities for children to take part in.

They include a tennis camp tomorrow, plus football and even a dance camp in the coming week, all of which will be well-attended.

"We're running something every day over the two weeks and numbers are pretty good," said Paling.

"There are still the usual faces, but there are always some new ones, and a mixture of girls and boys. It was good - and it was funny as well."