LAST week’s board meeting was dominated by us focussing on our financial situation. It was a good educational session for all, especially for those members who just focus on their individual responsibilities.

The financial problems at Widnes have proven a relatively brief period of mismanagement can wipe an entire club out of existence. Rugby league cannot afford to lose clubs with the stature of Widnes.

When I was growing up they had the label as the ‘Cup Kings’ and were always fighting for the major trophies. They have such a strong amateur set-up and have had a production line of youngsters who have graduated to Super League level.

They do loads of great work in the community and they are almost a model to copy. I really hope they pull through and even if they re-group like Bradford did, having that strong base should help to re-establish them.

Widnes are our next home opponents and we have virtually sold all match day sponsorship and hospitality, and were expecting a bumper gate. Entirely from a selfish point a view, I hope they are able to fulfil the fixture.

It soon became apparent when we were looking at our own forecasts that we cannot afford to take our collective foot off the pedal. We have done really well off the pitch over the last few months, but by the same token we have increased our player spend considerably.

We know income from gates alone will not get close to covering the wage bill. We need to follow through on our events programme, we need to get other groups using the facilities, and we have to build relationships with our commercial partners so that they get value for money and continue to support the club.

I have been in discussions with our historians about the lack of new inductees to our Hall of Fame and the club has agreed to take back ownership from the Past Players Committee.

We want to make this an annual event and recognise all the deserving players who have played with distinction for the club.

I hope to announce a dinner in the very near future, and will be working with the historians and a select band of former players, who will come up with some selection criteria and put forward names for consideration.

It is important we recognise our own history, but equally that we ensure there is a future.