I WANTED to use this column to give the public a better understanding of how the RFL distributions will work in the future.

The RFL have set KPIs for clubs to achieve in order to receive their central distribution going forward. In 2020, each club will receive a base amount and further amounts based on league finishing position in 2019, data, spectators, player production and financial sustainability.

What this means is it is vitally important we push our performance in all of these areas. The difference between the best and worst could be as much as £100k for the categories not directly related to playing performance. This is a massive amount of money for the club the size of Barrow which currently has turnover around £800k.

The board need to put plans in place now so we are near to the top in all the categories and this week I will focus on the measures in place from the RFL.

We are being measured on our website, which includes number of visitors, number of visits and dwell time, as well as something simple like our Facebook page likes and Twitter followers.

All of this means that we must focus on these forms of communication and produce interesting news for our fan base. I think we have improved massively in the last few months and I don’t think we leave anything in the boardroom with regards to communications. The fans and sponsors of our club deserve to know what’s going on.

Also in this category, we are being measured on membership of the RFL’s OuRLeague app, which has lots of information including streaming of games. We just need our fans to join and select Barrow as their chosen team – it takes two minutes.

And finally, we need to build up a database of all our fans with their contactable information. If we can prove we have more members than our rivals then the cash rewards are there.

If we could encourage businesses, large or small, to become our partners in this and encourage their workforces to provide details this is a no cost way of supporting the club that could have massive financial benefits.

I believe the club has a distinct advantage over its rivals because of our geographical location and the number of large employers in our area.

We would like to encourage our fans and sponsors to help in any way they can.