THE lesser-known parts of the county should be publicised by authorities to spread traffic out and reduce congestion in the most packed tourist destinations.

This comes after Cumbria County Council introduced a temporary traffic order, which prohibits people from stopping, parking and unloading on roads in popular areas including Great Langdale, Elterwater and Ambleside, to try and avert congestion ‘mayhem’.

A staggering 90 per cent of the national park’s 19 million visitors travel by car.

And the area has seen the issue of poor parking and severe congestion snowball with a surge in people visiting the Lakes since the pandemic.

Terry Hulme said: "Put some bollards in the middle of the pavement, so you don't stop the problem you're trying to solve.

"Tickets, then tow, like they should be doing with takeaway drivers and the ones on double yellows."

Helena Handcart said: "One of the problems is that everybody flocks to the same honeypots, whereas other parts of the Lake District are completely empty. They should consider running a campaign promoting lesser known areas."

Mike Mcveigh said: "Parking is adequately covered by laws, but there is virtually no enforcement unless there is money to be made. The root of the problem is the divided responsibility between police and different councils.

"As an example, I pointed out to a parking officer, busy checking for overstays in a local car park, that nearby were several cars parked on double yellow lines, causing danger to local residents. His reply was "we don't do yellow lines, that's County!" Hoping the council reorganisation may at least sort that situation."

Margaret Ann Birkett said: "I rang the police one day about crazy parking blocking the road. They said it was to do with council. Rang the council to be told they only deal with carparks and on street parking."