READERS have had their say after an ecologist has responded to the issue of littering around Windermere.

Matt Staniek who has been made famous over the last year for talking about pollution in Windermere gave his thoughts on the 'rubbish around the lake shore.'

He said: "We have seen a massive influx of rubbish around Windermere this summer. The Lake District should be the most pristine example of what it can be for the environment.

"More fines should be imposed, the authorities should be doing more to get on top of it."

When asked if they believed that fines work as a deterrent, this is what our readers had to say.

5LizW55 said: "Surely it's more about catching them in the act."

Ian Walton said: "Anyone found guilty of dropping litter or fly tipping should be made to do unpaid community work which involves picking up the litter other people have left behind, that’s better than any fine, they wouldn’t do it again.."

Dean Garnett said: "Community services and name and shame them."

Margaret Ann Birkett said: "Need to catch them doing it first."

Nathan Wilson said: "You also need to work out why people have so little respect!"

Carl Peckett said: "The worst is the drivers who throw their litter into the verges."

Tom Barkas said: "Who's going to police it?"