READERS have shared their good wishes with Hairy Biker Dave Myers after he opened up about his ongoing battle with cancer after his diagnosis earlier this year.

He has said that it is going well but it has taught him to "embrace life" that he had previously taken for granted.

While his on-screen partner and long-term friend Si King described him as a "proper Barra' lad" who was "hard as nails".

Speaking to Kate Thornton on her podcast White Wine Question Time, Myers discussed the 'trenches' of cancer and said King had been helping him through it.

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Mojos Griffon said: "Hope you feel much better soon, god bless."

Debbie Reed said: "Best wishes for a full recovery and stay positive and strong."

Carol Wilson Thomson said: "Stay positive Dave hope all goes well."

Marion Taylor said: "My very best wishes to you, and you are tough enough to manage the treatment."

Linda Carradus said: "Keep strong and stay positive Dave."

Anne Woods said: "Positive man with solid Barrovian roots. Best wishes for a full recovery."

Janette Stainton said: "Hope for a full recovery."

Anne Morris Coward said: "Keep strong Dave, hope you are feeling better

Anne Walker said:"Good luck Dave keep your chin up you’ll get there and back to doing what you do best cooking and sharing."

Jaze Cartwright said: "Hope you're well soon mate."

Lyn Taylor said: "Speedy recovery."

Peter Durkin said: "Good news Dave."

Linda Spencely said: "Stay positive Dave."

Soodsawat Rigg said: "Be Strong Dave."

Stella Ryan said: "Yes wishing you all the best. We love your programs with Si."

Wendy Egerton said: "Keep going Dave, you can do this."