READERS have their say on what the ruins of a derelict building should be turned into after a group of online explorers filmed themselves after gaining entry inside.

Bar Continental, on the 'House of Lords' site in Barrow, lies in ruins following a major fire at the building in 2017.

Two friends posted a video of themselves exploring the Abbey Road building on their YouTube channel Magic Magnets.

People have been warned not to copy their actions.

In the video they venture inside the building, where there are traces of its former use.

Izabella Beaverbrook said:"Prime retail site for a 'mini' Primark and a Nandos. Until we get elected representatives and officials who can deliver this kind of vision then Barrow town centre will continue its sad decline. Come on, BID! Mini Primark! Nandos! Get it sorted now."

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Maureen Balding said: "The whole site should be taken over by the council as abandoned property and demolished its a blot on the landscape of the main road into town and while they are at it the old Bakery and the above cafe opposite Coronation gardens should be taken too. I've lost count how many years that's been empty must be over 30 and left to deteriorate. Stop wasting money from the taxpayer."

Maxthewonderdog said: "Flatten it and build hundreds of affordable houses on the site."

SthLakes said: "I used to go here for years and when it was a fully functioning building money should have been spent to ensure the architecture was sound and in good order, today the place is a mess and should be dismantled and the space given over to something more usable by the locals."

billy holiday said: "Disgusting why public money is being used to cover any costs associated with this building.

"After five-plus years it's about time Barrow Council resolved this issue.

"Compulsory purchase of the site, get the bulldozers in and sell onto a drive-through fast-food chain."