READERS are appalled after it was revealed hundreds of residents are having to go months without a bin as they face a 'horrendous' wait for a new one.

Barrow Council is wading through a backlog of 650 pleas for new containers after some residents told The Mail they had gone more than a year without somewhere to put their rubbish.

Data obtained by The Mail showed in the last two years bins were being reported lost or stolen at a rate of more than once a day.

And householders have described being forced to choose between storing waste in their homes or leaving rubbish bags on the kerb to be ransacked by seagulls.

The Mail readers took to the comments section to share their vieews

Brian Rochford said: "Council could provide people with large builders rubble bags. Sea gulls will have difficulty ripping those open.

"Alternatively go and pinch a bin from the illegal travellers site on Walney. They have loads of bins provided by the council within a couple of hours of setting up."

Helen Johnston said: "Plenty bins abandoned up railway terrace Lindal on my access!

"Take your pick grey, red, brown they never take them in.

"They ring up get another if it involves walking. Maybe this is why there’s shortage."

Colette Rigg said: "The council website has been saying since October when our large bin got stolen on bin collection day, that there are no replacement grey bins available and now and for most of that time that you cannot even apply for a new one. We had eight months of putting out medical waste in bin bags."

Colin Ohalloran said: "I've been reporting a red bin full of rubbish for five weeks and its still there your wasting your time with this council."