READERS have reacted after it was announced reports of anti-social behaviour in Barrow town centre have decreased in number following a 'surge', the council has said.

A council committee is to be told that a rise in anti-social behaviour 'in recent months' had seen a number of empty shops damaged.

However, the council says that it took action and that police have confirmed reports of anti-social behaviour have reduced.

Caroline Wagstaff, the council's deputy director of people and place said: 'the council is looking at mobile CCTV cameras that have been ‘successfully used in Carlisle for tackling anti-social behaviour in communities’.

The Mail readers took to the comments section to share their views:

Steve Rowley said: "Barrow town center is a disgrace there are more bins in the town center than open shops. No one will bring business to the town if they see how poor it looks."

Kevin Bluett said: "At least spending all the money on cycle lanes going over the bridge to Barrow Island and Michaelson Road was money well spent and a good investment."

Barry Millar said: "Are the ones in town now switched off or not monitoring what is going on if they are why and what was the cost to the people of Cumbria in the first set up of the system and how many other towns in Cumbria has this happened too, sounds like mismanagement to me."

Helen Elizabeth Taylor said: "Hardly the police's fault they told where to go and what to do, the government stopped the police patrolling."

Marian Woods said: "Typical council threatening to act after the vandals have crashed every unoccupied shop window in the town."

Gemma Humes said: "There is cctv in town but clearly isn't been used. I'd even be happy to volunteer a few hours a week to monitor it for them if that is the issue."

Noreen Whalley said: "They need security officers on duty. Might cost some money but no worse than what the vandalism costs."