READERS have reacted to the news that the police force in the county is to restructure prior to local government reorganisation.

Cumbria Constabulary chief constable Michelle Skeer told a full meeting of the county council that the force would be splitting into a Westmorland and Furness unit and a Cumberland unit. 

She said it was anticipated the restructure would 'go live' later this year 'ready for the changes' in local government.

In April 2023, the county council and all district and borough councils in Cumbria will cease to exist. Two new unitary authorities will begin operating at this time.

The Mail readers took to the comments section to share their views.

asgarnyam said: "Surely the time has also come to redefine what our police force is for, and the role we expect from them. It appears much of our ambulance and police officers' time is wasted on tasks that should be dealt with by social services.

"The number one target for our police should be defeating the war on drugs as this is linked to so many of the other problems such as crime, addiction and poverty. Get rid of illegal narcotics and a massive per cent of the other problems would disappear.

"Surely the time is coming to federate our Emergency Services, Police, Ambulance, Fire Service etc under one body, sharing resources and using the most up to date equipment and technology available.

"The public are paying for multiple assets, like building and operational costs, where this money would be much better utilised in front line operations such as people."

Sausage and chips said: "What seems to have gone over heads here is that in one swift move the high end jobs have just doubled and so have their wages. This comes with a higher pension too."

Publicists said: "They might have more officers than have ever had but Cumbria Police have lost 20 per cent of the back office staff that have never been replaced. That means that work has to be done by uniformed officers.

"What also needs to be highlighted is the many experienced officers that have left to work in BAE systems in Barrow. More money, no shift work and a better worklife balance being the many reasons given for leaving."