READERS are shocked after new figures revealed more patients were waiting longer than 13 weeks for their suspected autism to be diagnosed in Morecambe Bay in spring than before the pandemic.

As of the end of March, around 240 of the 375 adults and children waiting for an autism assessment in the NHS Morecambe Bay CCG area had been on the list for more than 13 weeks – the longest time someone should wait for a diagnosis following a referral, according to national guidance.

This was a 78 per cent increase from the 135 patients waiting longer than 13 weeks at the beginning of March 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mail readers took to social media to share their views:

Katrina Rudd said: "Three years my sons been waiting, it’s a joke.

"We waited nine months for the first appointment and over two years and counting waiting for the follow up that should have been six months later. Adhd diagnosis through CAMHS took less than six months."

Ben Parker said: "We've been waiting years not months, the system is broke badly."

Sarah Martakies said: "My Grandson waited 19 months."

Anna Doughty said: "Eight years for my daughter and two years for my son!"

Sarah Marie Forster said: "The services for children with additional needs is shocking."

Heather Cameron said: "If only it was just 13 weeks. Five years for my son just to be seen let alone diagnosed."

Flora Tarr said: "It’s longer than that! We’ve been in the process for over a year!"

Nicola Egerton said: "Seven years and still waiting."

Patricia Farnen Parks said: "Ten years for my granddaughter."

Melissa Jane said: "18 months and still going."

Julie Lightfoot said: "That's nothing to what we waited."