READERS have congratulated a local student of Penny Bridge Academy who climbed the same height as Mount Everest on the Hoad.

Zack Chadwick did this by climbing the hill twice a day for over a month-which involved a six o'clock start. 

Zack did this because his school was participating in an Everest Challenge to raise money. While many students did it in teams Zack wanted to climb the 29,030 feet or 8,848 meters by himself.

His mother, Joy Huntingdon said: 

"He never moaned at all. I think every parent would be proud, it was quite a commitment." 

The Mail readers took to social media to praise the youngster.

Wendy Cormie said: "Congratulations Zack on this achievement. Well done!

Vera Langhorn said:"Well done Zack."

Carol Rushton said: "Congratulations , well done mate."

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Peter Chadwick said: "Congratulations on your achievement Zack, proud of you well done young man."

Helen Trotter said: "Fantastic Zack, well done."

Colette Porter said: "Great job Zack."

Linda Danson said: "Brilliant."

Margaret Birney said: "Well done."

The Observer said: "Well done Zack for one. Completing that challenge and raising the great amount of money for your school and two. for the biggest challenge and I am sure every parent in the country who have had teenage children, getting you out of bed for a 6am start. Well done to you and well done to the person who managed that. Only joking Zack."

Zack managed to raise £327.50 for his school, and was congratulated by the headmaster for his efforts in an assembly.

The Hoad is 436 feet, or 133 metres in height. This means that Zack had to climb The Hoad 67 times to reach the same height as Mount Everest. 

The Everest Challenge involves climbing the height of Mount Everest within 50 days.