READERS are concerned after it was annoucned fish and chip shops in Barrow have had to raise their prices to contend with the cost of living. 

Chippies around the country are in crisis due to a global shortage of sunflower oil caused by conflict between Ukraine and Russia - with the two nations being the two biggest producers of the oil, growing around 75 per cent of the world's supply between them.

According to the National Federation of Fish Friers, up to a third of fish and chip shops may be forced out of business by the end of this year due to the increase of prices for oil.

The Mail readers took to social media to share their views:

Publicists said: "Come the October gas and electric price increases I fear many takeaways will cease to trade. I am not sure what the can't cook won't cook brigade are going to do. God forbid if they have to learn to cook.

"Sadly many can't cook and won't cook and live on takeaways including Fish and Chips. Bring back domestic science in schools and teach kids life skills including how to live within their means and not live off the bank of mum and dad."

Maureen Balding said: "I think many like myself its a treat, I cook all our meals all week from scratch and a chippy tea is our Saturday treat as a full time carer I think I deserve it."

@captain caveman said: "They should be buying British always. If I knew they were Russian I would never go there in first place."

Dave_W said: "The idea that people 'can't cook won't cook' is just a tired, lazy trope. It tells me me more about the accusers' bigoted mindsets than it does anything else.
You'll be asking why they have mobile phones and flat screen tellies next."

Maureen Balding said: "I'm surprised they've managed to hold prices down so long
Pity no cod though as I'm not a lover of haddock and I may be the exception to the rule as I would pay £9 for our Saturday chippy treat."

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