READERS are concerned after training and essential maintenance was forced to come to a standstill after caravans were pitched on a football ground.

Travellers arrived on Walney Island FC’s mini football pitch on Tummer Hill on Wednesday evening.

After being made aware of their arrival, committee member and football manager Stephen McCullough arrived on the site and approached the group, however he claims they refused to move.

L1A1 said: "Just carry on using it, don't let them win.
"If the pitch is damaged, call the Police, and have the owners of the cars and caravans prosecuted. Criminal Damage, the pitch is a valuable asset."

Barrow Cat said: "This is ridiculous now this is the fourth site in Barrow they have been on. The council have spent thousands to evict them but they're still here. They never left any rubbish behind at ormsgill but kids tipped the bins over. "

Julie Crompton said: "The reason they park where they like with impunity is because they don't care what the council, the law or anyone else thinks. They don't follow rules and have a total disregard for anyone or anything. If you don't want them there forget the law."

Chase Ballantyne said: "Give them some of the achers of derelict land to use that's just sitting there then they have no reason to keep going place to place everytime they are moved on its worked in other parts of the country."

Emma Fitzsimmons said: "Police move then it’s a playing field for the kids football, they seem to be able to do as they like."

There are also concerns over the state of the pitch once the caravans have gone and that there is not enough time to complete pitch maintenance before the start of the season, including grass cutting, top soiling, seeding and aerating the pitches.

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