READERS have shown their support and expressed their concerns after a shop owner spoke out against ‘mindless criminal damage’ after a spate of vandalism in the town centre.

Jenny Fazackerley, who runs Jenny Stitches on Dalton Road, has seen her property vandalised.

The glass was smashed on the front of her shop, leaving her weekend ‘ruined’.

Ms Fazackerley, who said she is proud to be a Barrovian, cannot understand why vandals would do this.

She said: “I am a passionate believer in our town. I am proud to live and work here in Barrow-in-Furness.

“However, some people do not feel the need to respect their home, or the livelihoods and hard work of others. They work to bring down our town’s reputation, and kick us when times are hard enough for us all.”

Readers had their say on the vandalism.

Angela Harrison said: “Poor Jenny… I really feel for her. I dread going in to work sometimes because I worry I’ll find the same vandalism to my shop. The morale in the town centre is already at an all-time low without this too…”

Pam Pearson said: “It’s a disgrace. Portland walk today was disgusting. Someone must know who these yobs are.”

Sweets Aplenty said: “Absolutely appalled at this mindless vandalism. It's going to cost Jenny thousands to fix but these vandals won't care at all!”

Maureen Balding said: “The town is becoming more and more run down and the few shops remaining are getting targeted I feel so sorry for the shop owners but it’s the same and several areas round the town also Walney it’s been going on for years. Need more CCTV and that there is needs updating to give better quality images.”

George Barry said: “Guess we will have to go back to putting shutters up and your own CCTV.”

Danni Gee said: “Not only does the town need more CCTV but the CCTV we have needs to be manned properly, maintained properly and used properly.”