READERS have expressed their concern after a former care home was vandalised by children on Walney.

Staff at Walney Central Nursery have become alarmed at the number of children accessing Combe House, which neighbours the nursery.

Staff are alerting parents in the area to the potentially fatal activity taking place on the site.

Rachel Rawlinson said: "Why do kids do this kind of thing, then I realise (even tho it’s not an excuse) there is nothing in this town for kids to do, literally nothing, so what’s the next best thing kids do when there board, they play up, do things they know is wrong but do it anyway because there is nothing else better to do.

"This town has died and is getting worse so somthing needs to be done once and for all."

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Nick Hornby said: "Saying nothing for kids to do nowadays yet when I was a teenager we had the same things on walney as there is now, a park, football fields a beach, we found things to do using our imagination or playing sport. Kids these days are spoon fed that's the problem."

Michelle McGlown said: "So sad to see Combe House in this state. Ridiculously, Cumbria County Council spent over £100,000 on a full refurb about two years before it closed. Now it’s all smashed up!"

Anne Morris Coward said: "No excuses, 'oh I am bored, let's go and smash things up and damage things' making it even harder to get people to like this area for things to happen.

"People need a big discussion about all this damage town and areas or we will really have nothing for any one to do."

Dalton said: "This hasn't happened overnight it has been a gradual process. I believe planning permission has been granted to demolish and build houses. The council should be making the owners do something. This would have made a great sheltered housing project using the original premises"