READERS have reacted to Cumbria County Council recieving £4.5 million for two cycling schemes in Barrow.

The council, in partnership with Barrow Borough Council, are delivering a Local Cycling Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for Barrow, with an additional boost in funding.

The county council applied for funding from the Department for Transport's (DfT) Active Travel Fund in August 2021. Initially applying for six schemes in Barrow, Carlisle, and Kendal, the DfT has confirmed that two of these schemes were successful in Barrow.

Abbey Road, between Hibbert Road and Park Drive, has been awarded £3.3 million for the installation of approximately 400m of cycle tracks between Hibbert Road and Park Drive as well as improving two junctions at Ainslie Street/Abbey Road and Park Drive.

Susan Hart said: "Why not get the roads sorted first for the vehicles that pay road tax, they are a disgrace."

Maggie Pease said: "What a waste of cash, people will still cycle on the pavement."

John Hutton said: "All I see is adults ignoring the cycle lanes that were designed for them to keep safe on Park Road."

Paul James said: "Waste of money, sort the roads and build more houses."

Margaret Clarke said: "They have made a right mess of it on Ferry Road at the traffic lights junction to Walney, cycle lane far to near the junction, shouldn't cross the solid white line so needs sorting as the lights change and nobody can go because the lights to go straight ahead are on red."

Derek Lowe said: "That's fine for cyclists riding along at speed but what about mobility scooter user's that are not allowed to use cycle lanes at 8mph, we have to use the roads and put our lives at risk or risk a fine for using a cycle lane. Are we going to get mobility scooter lane's and spend millions of pounds around the road in the UK for disabled road uses?"