BARROVIANS have said the introduction of £4.5m funding for walking and cycling schemes is a 'waste of money'.

Barrow MP, Simon Fell has welcomed £4.5million of Government funding for new walking and cycling schemes across Barrow.

The Government’s £200 million Active Travel Fund will enable communities across the country to get out on their bikes and enjoy cheaper, cleaner and greener travel across their area.

This includes £161 million of funding for 134 schemes across 46 local authorities outside of London to deliver new footways, cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings.

Readers reacted to the news on social media.

Dud Don said: "These Cycle lanes are a total waste of money. They are going to cause massive tailbacks cause and gridlocks at peak time. As two Lane traffic is now reduced to one single lane. This will cause more stationary traffic. Resulting in more engine fumes being pumped out."

Peter Harvey said: "Having lived in Holland for five years I can assure you Holland is flat and the roads (local and motorway) are repaired properly and not full of holes, this money should be spent on repairing our roads for the safety of bike riders and cars, look at the mess they are making on the road from the coffee house to Jubilee bridge with a cycle lane as wide as a car."

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Northern Lass said: "How come you can find the money for cycle lanes but the roads/speed humps/ zebra crossings are in need of urgent repair.

"The cycle lane you have just put in at the left turn to Walneywhic has made it go to one lane what will only make queuing more. They are far too wide for bikes."

The Vindicator said: "As yet people don't seem to have noticed the problem with the cycle lane layout. The white line that demarcates the lane should not be crossed, so as soon as three cars are going to cross the lights at the east end of Jubilee bridge, access to the left-hand filter(to Walney) is blocked.

"I pity anyone trying to get out of the Ferry road triangle. A box junction was installed as part of the previous works but has now been removed. Why was it a good idea then, effective since construction, but has now been deemed otherwise?"

"As it happens, I am primarily a cyclist, and I find it unlikely I will even use the cycle lanes as they are being set out. There were representations made to highways as part of the consultation but non of the points raised (as an experienced cyclist using the roads for over 40 years) were taken up.

"Whilst I am very much for cycling infrastructure, simply cutting and pasting standard schemes does not consider current use or localised conditions that influence riding."