BARROVIANS are saddened after another town centre high street store closed its doors.

The British Heart Foundation has become the latest store to shut.

A post on social media said: "It’s with great sadness we have to post this.

"The store is closing its doors on May 14 for good.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for supporting us over the past 10 years."

Readers took to social media to share their saddness of the closure.

John Evans said: "I remember when Barrow was a busy town and now its going down the pan."

Steven Hunt said: "It's going to be a ghost town soon. The council needs to do more."

Anne Morris Coward said: "I have given up saying how sad."

Carole Metcalfe said: "Well that was all short lived."

Lee Thompson said: "You know its bad when second hand shops are closing."

Kimberley Sharples said: "Shame - I got a lovley table from them before shutting today and have have other bits from them such a shame."

Sandra Sunny said: "Yes we have deprived pockets but so do many towns in the UK but for such a so called deprived town we have 500k houses flying up and being bought, there is so much wealth in the town and absolutely nowhere to really truly enjoy it and have the diversity of shops we used to have.

"No pubs or clubs other than one and its so sad to think, these kids won't have our experiences of nights out on the strip, they form fundamental memories. Barrow has an amazing community spirit, we need our town back."

Victoria Kathryn Hall said: "I believe rent is high for town centre shops. Maybe that should be reduced for a start.

"What a bloomin shame, that place should have been doing a roaring trade with finances as they are. And for the environment's sake."