READERS are furious with 'irresponsible' dog owner after a suspected dog attack left a ram dead in Milnthorpe.

South Lakes Police are investigating a possible dog attack that left a tup dead at a farm at Whassett, Milnthorpe.

The ram had sustained injuries to its head, ears and legs.

It is likely to have died of fright because someone failed to put their dog on a lead.

Readers took to The Mail comment section online to share their views

Furness Abbott said: "Every year we hear such horrible news down to lazy, reckless and stupid dog walkers."

Gheko said: "Responsible dog owners are very, very much in the minority.

"Farmers should shoot on site any dogs worrying sheep, I'll say It again Lead, Muzzle simple. Any dog owner who doesn't do this is irresponsible and shouldn't have a dog."

Nondumvetus said: "The parasite-riddled owners, think they are little people and react as if you had criticised their child when you ask them to pick up offer their dog, or put it on a lead."

Twm Sion Catu said: "The country is overwhelmed with the pesky animals. Any green space is seen as a dog toilet, especially playing fields.

"Go to any of the playing fields in Barrow, those around Hoops, Schneider Road football ground, Barrow and Dalton cemeteries, there a constant stream of owners leading their pooches to do their business. Disgusting, noisy, smelly animals."

Fuglysuck said: "I hate irresponsible dog owners, who lets their dogs free in a field where there are animals? Who doesn't pick up their dog poo? We have two dogs, who are let free in animal-less areas, we always pick up poo."