READERS have had their say after a rail union has claimed that train station ticket offices across south Cumbria are at risk of closure.

Rail union RMT revealed ‘imminent plans’ by the rail industry for mass closures of ticket offices across the network, with over 1,000 ticket offices at impending risk of closure including at Oxenholme, Windermere, Appleby, Grange, Barrow and Ulverston.

But a spokesman from the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), which represents train operators, said no decisions had been made over the future of the country’s ticket offices.

However, they added that many jobs in the industry would need to change as more passengers ‘migrate’ to digital technology.

Barbara Thompson said: “When I do travel I use the ticket office as can’t do with ticket machines!”

Linda Horsley said: “We ain’t got a clue with a machine. Just want to go into an office and speak to a human.”

Michelle Chamberlain said: “The staff at Barrow-in-Furness Station are brilliant always so helpful, don't know how my elderly mother will be able to travel if they replace staff with a machine.”

Michelle Cave said: “Looks like there is nothing in Barrow. No shops, now the train office. Barrow might as well not be on the map.”

Hayley Hartley said: “Brilliant staff in there.

“Use them or lose them.”

Andrew J Dowey said: “This has been the plan for years, driver only trains and ticket machines on every corner, covid being used as an excuse to cull staff, supermarkets will be next.”

Passepartout said: “It isn't just about paying for a ticket. We spent a good 10 minutes with the brilliant lady at Oxenholme Station, as she was advising us (as very infrequent rail travellers) as to the best tickets to London, the right time of day to travel, the right Railcard to get. Any fool can buy a ticket online, but the lady at Oxenholme is worth her weight in gold.”

Barbara Broadhead said: “I am concerned for anybody that needs help getting on and off trains. It's not just about buying a ticket but what about people with disabilities, young families with children and pushchairs, the elderly?”