THE community have shared their appreciation for nurses across Cumbria on International Nurses Day.

International Nurses Day falls on Thursday, March 12 this year and is an annual event that marks the contributions that nurses make to society.

A University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Hospital Trust spokesman said: "We couldn't be more grateful for all of our incredible Nurses across Morecambe Bay, who go above and beyond every single day for our patients.

Norman Hird said: "Thank you Nurses, always eternally grateful for all you do."

Yvonne Woodend said: "Thank you for all your hard work through everything and continue to do today bless you all."

Marian Wilson Fleming said: "Sending love and thanks for all you do and still do."

Tracy HawdonwasSmith said: "Well done, we are eternally grateful."

Arthur Lambert said: "Thank you all nurses for your dedication."

Wendy Storey said: "Thank you very much."

Maria Wright said: "Thank you all."

Nursing staff across the University of Morecambe Bay Trust Hospitals have been sharing their career highlights.

Louise Sharples said: "I love being a nurse because I enjoy working within a dedicated, caring team when families and children need support."

Debbie Myerscough said her highlights are 'the variety of specialities I have managed to do throughout my career'.

Wendy Stowe said: "Helping develop Paediatric Oncology shared care unit for oncology patients in our area. This has had a huge impact on our local patients and their families and improved their patient experience."