BARROVIANS are saddened after it was announced heritage sites across South Cumbria have been flagged as being 'at risk' by Historic England.

Historic places of worship, ruins or old structures, can be costly to maintain. Some sites have been allowed to fall into disrepair through the years and left vulnerable to vandals.

But the sites are deemed by the public body as being worthy of preservation for future generations, mainly because they have been marked as important to Cumbria's heritage.


  • Steamer Street Tenements
  • Church of St Mary of Furness

Tina Singleton said: "Would be sad to lose the church and castle."

Tracy Clarke said: "Stop with the demolition of our historic buildings.

"Can you imagine how beautiful our little town would be if we still had them?"

Fran Lowther said: "Why not restore them as they did in Glasgow? But, the town centre is a disgrace, there is nothing here anymore. Also nothing for the kids to do therefore they turn to deface buildings ie graffiti.

"We need more in this town, I've been here 38 years and the town was totally buzzing then in the 80s but now you have to go out of town for shopping, and activities and a night out.

"What is going on in this town."

However, Gary Harvey said: "I can see more housing for the newly-arrived migrants."

Carol Wilson Thomson said: "Should pull Egerton down - it is an eyesore. They could build some nice council flats or houses on the site."

Robert Sewell said: "Haven't the Barrow Island flats had how many millions spent on them in the last decade."