READERS said they are 'not surprised' after a discount store which was open in Barrow town centre for three months has now closed.

Shoppers are still reacting to the news of Steals, a discount clothing store that sells an array of clothes, shoes and accessories which lasted less than three months since the shop opened its doors on Portland Walk.

Residents suggested the town centre needs a new lease of life with a reason for people to come into the town.

Rachelle Poyntz said: "What Barrow needs is to give people a reason to come into the town. Make the whole area pedestrianised completely. Allow more food and drink areas to open and have outdoor seating; put some decent events on - arts/music etc; allow some pop up type venues and shops and markets to bring footfall back into the town centre and publicse it.

"Get some decent people on that hopeless town council - target different groups of people and ask what we want in this town centre.

"Plenty of places have bucked the death knell with decent ideas and a little bit of imagination.

"Something else too, stop any other businesses opening outside on the retail parks - something that was supposed to happen years ago so that shopping was more concentrated on the centre. Plenty of units in town for businesses to do up and open in if landlords lowered rents to give new entrepreneurial people a chance to build up their businesses (surely a building that is being used is better than a rotting empty building).

"We need much more investment and ideas to bring people into the town."

Kezza Thompson said: "What we need is the people who own these empty shops is to give small businesses an incentive to open a shop. I mean some kind of rent reduced is better than an empty building surely."

Martin Clarke said: "Another one bites the dust."

Anita Fell said: "We want a Primark as not every one can get to Lancaster."

Gareth Sneesby said: "Primark in Debenhams and lower rent on buildings."