BARROVIANS have been reminiscing after it was announced a former town centre nightclub is due to be sold.

The former Skint club in Barrow's Lawson Street used to be a part of the town's thriving nighttime economy.

After closing and being on the market for several years, the nightclub is now due to be sold.

According to estate agents Corrie and Co, the building has now been sold subject to contract after an offer was made.

It was on the market for offers in the region of £175,000.

The Mail readers took to social media to share their memories of the popular nightclub:

Michelle Falcon said: "We had some fab nights in here when it was Scorpio."

Lee Thompson said: "Had some good laughs in there. Good memories."

Sarah Martakies said: "Kendal college weekly socials when it was Cee Pees, had some good messy nights."

Jane Wicks said: "Feet sticking to carpet."

Becky Evans said: "Falling down the stairs going to the toilets."

James Probert said: "Falling down the stairs to the bogs couple of inches deep in sewage."

Claire Cheng said: "Early 90s. Piano house music."

Judith Jude Aitken said: "Thats where I met my husband when it was called Scorpio in 1996."

Mandy Sykes said: "Cee Pees on a Friday night, Red Rock Cider a pound a pint."

Kevin M Robinson said: "£1 drinks."

Emma Athersmith said: "UVHS Sixth Form socials in there."

Samantha Sharp said: "Sticky feet, cheap drinks! Those were the days."

Alan Benner said: "We had some good nights out in this club."

Sandra Sunny said: "The kids of our town need these experiences back. Places to build memories Cornwallis Street back to its glory. Come on guys fix this town."

Laura Herbert said: "Some of the best nights out, I miss them days."