SHOPPERS have said they would miss local independent businesses if they were to shut down due to lack of footfall after a business owner called on more people to shop local.

Barbara Cairns, the owner of The Eco Shop on Scott Street, Barrow, which opened its doors in October last year, said she was struggling to stay open due to lack of footfall.

Shoppers took to social media to share their views on the situation.

Robert Sewell said: "It's too expensive to shop in Barrow unless you work for BAE or on corrupt council officials' income, only place I use to buy stuff in Barrow is chain stores or the cheap shop at top of Dalton road."

Spoothedog said: "Its a lovely little shop! And a great little street with plenty of foot fall on good days, so hopefully business will pick up for them soon."

Charlie Dowthwaite said: "It would a crying shame if this shop were to shut as I use it from time to time."

Stephen Snell said: "Can anyone name one place in the town centre not, Asda, Tesco etc where you can buy brand new dvds or cds?"

Helen Marr said: "I would love to buy everything local but most of the time what I want to buy isn’t available locally.

"With all the shop closures there is a lack of choice - you then resort to going home disappointed and buying online. I guess it’s a catch 22 situation."

Barbara said the lack of footfall was due to people still being scared to leave their houses due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

She opened the store after moving from Barrow Market.

Lesley Fenton asked: "Why did the eco shop move out of the market? Would have thought they would get more customers there than on Scott Street.

Barbara Cairns, owner of The Eco Shop replied: "We were offered an opportunity to try a shop and took it, we have had new customers who have said that they never went to the market, and to be honest even when I was in the market we got told that as well.

"Footfall in the market prior to us leaving was very poor. We saw an increase in footfall after we left until the restrictions were brought in just before Christmas and it has never recovered."