READERS have reacted to the Governments plans to send some asylum seekers who arrive on small boats to live in Rwanda as 'disgusting'.

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have set out plans to fly migrants who cross the Channel in small boats more than 4,000 miles to the African country.

The scheme comes as pressure ramps up on the Home Secretary to stop asylum seekers from making the perilous journeys.

The Mail readers took to social media to share their views.

Richard Lecky-Thompson said: "It is appalling, and it shames our MP that he supports it.

"We don't have a responsibility to house the world. But we do have a responsibility to care for those worst affected by war, famine, dictators and all the other reasons people make the horrendous decision to leave their homes and travel to find a better place to live.

"The fact that we have a housing shortage is not refugees' fault. It is the fault of successive governments to build sufficient social housing. The conservatives have been in power for 12 years and have failed to meet any of their targets for this. Some might say that this is deliberate, to keep house prices going up!"

Κλεάνθης Λιάμπος said: "This is despicable and inhumane way to treat the immigrants."

Michael Fell said: "I think we should put more migrants into the empty flats on Barrow Island."

Janine Adams said: "Absolutely disgusting."

However, some readers supported the plan.

Jean Wilson said: "Something has to be done were running out of places to house them other countries need to take a turn."

Dalton said: "This country cannot continue to accept and support an unlimited number of immigrants.

"We have pressure on the NHS, the cost of living and inflation is going through the roof, our children have not had an acceptable level of education for two years.

"The main reason the immigrants give for wanting to reach the UK, having passed through several countries where they could have sought asylum, is "a better life ". Well, they believe that because they virtually get everything for nothing, a situation brought about in the main by these volunteers and charities.

"There are around 2,000 a day entering our country at the moment. That means that in a week a town the size of Dalton comes in. As for the Ukrainians, that is an entirely different issue. Their reason for leaving their country is obvious. It is only because we are out of Europe that we have been able to stand alone and offer them the amount of support we have. Many will return home."