'USE it or lose it' is the reaction from readers after it was announced a discount store in Barrow town centre announced its closure.

Steals swung open its doors in Portland Walk at the end of January but bosses have revealed it is closing its doors less than three months after opening.

The discount clothing store sells an array of clothes, shoes and accessories.

However, less than three months since the shop opened its doors, the town centre store is now closing down.

The Mail readers took to social media to share their opinions.

Lee Wicks said: "I find this heartbreaking what is happening locally to Barrow and other towns.

"Money was tight when I was growing up in the 80s but people somehow still managed to spend and the high street was thriving.

"I think the obsession with online shopping has a lot to answer for, re: local shops closing. Just sad."

Charmaine Collins said: "Devasted, it's my favourite shop ever."

Larry Ploughman said: "You are given a budget clothing store and lose it so quickly, wow."

Mike Thompson said: "There are a few factors to look at here. Firstly the rent on portland walk is crazy money, more than what a discount store could pull in.

"Secondly, we have changed our shopping habits, especially over the last month in preparation for hike in the energy cost. 

"Thirdly, we seem to be reaching "Normality" and people who have money will be going away shopping and spending a week in Malaga or somewhere, not filtering through mega bargains."

Lauren Joanne Bowes said: "I walked in and straight back out again, like a jumble sale don’t know how anyone likes to shop in that kind of chaos."

Nat Culver said: "Everyone complaining that it’s like a jumble sale that’s the fun of shopping to take your time and look for things and I got some really good bargains from there! Shame it’s going I say."

Emma Morris said: "The shop was absolutely amazing and it's people that don't give it a chance to just call it a jumble sale.

"People all moan when there are no shops but just say nothing but bad stuff when a shop opens."