THE summer holidays can be a time of great joy for children as they take a lengthy break from school life.

We asked our readers if the annual six week-long summer holiday should be cut down to three weeks, and here is what they said.

Hazel Burnett said: “Nooooo we loved our school holidays always out playing which kids of today should also be doing and enjoying we had no money or places to go just kiddie imagination enjoying life.”

Jacqui Sugden said: “What about the teachers who have to have a break then work for 4 weeks planning? It’s not as simple as it seems! Bear in mind teachers work over 40 hours a week! Parents have to take care of their children sometimes!”

Kevin Wrather said: “If you have kids it’s your responsibility to keep them entertained and stimulated... Not the responsibility of others!”

Sandra Carter said: “I always loved having my three children home during school holidays.

“If I had known then that home education is a choice I probably would have done it. I hated sending them off to school.”

Megan Bird said: “No, we go to school till 16, then higher education, then work till we are dead. Let the kids have some fun misery guts.”

Elaine Ferguson said: “School isn’t a babysitter service.”

Julie Maggs said: “I love having my son home for six weeks during the Summer months. I’ve never understood why people moan about having to look after their own children. If you don’t want to look after them you shouldn’t have had them!”

Other readers suggested an alternative idea.

Jenni Hadwin said: “I’d rather have four weeks in summer and increase the May and October breaks to two weeks.”

Katie O'Brien said: “No, four weeks in summer and four weeks in winter would be ideal.”