PARENTS are thankfull after it was announced free school meals (FSM) will be provided in Cumbria over the Easter holidays for children living in low-income households.

The Council confirmed this just days after the Government announced they would not only extend the Household Support Fund, but increase it by £500m.

This means that children in low-income families will be able to access vouchers just as they would in term-time.

Happy Vader said: "Of course there will be a minority of people who abuse such things but the biggest problem I've found is that some parents can't cook, budget or menu plan through no fault of their own.

"Education is something that needs to be taught to parents not ridiculed. Also schools aren't exactly doing overly great in the correct teaching one example when my son came home from school with soup he made and I asked him how much did it cost to produce? He said he didn't know as the teacher never mentioned anything about it!

"That in itself is a real problem if they don't know the cost of produce. So again education is the way forward if delivered correctly."

Jerez said: "The taxpayer already pays for free meals for all children up year two in primary schools during term time, regardless of the family income. The well off families and those who could easily afford to pay for school meals are given an unnecessary hand out.

"The scheme has cost billions since it was introduced in 2014 and the money would be better spent elsewhere on something far more useful."

Stuckinthemiddles said: "This is a good thing and I commend it. With any scheme designed to help there will always be a minority who take advantage, unfortunately.

"To paint all receivers of this help with the same brush is madness. I'm glad children will be fed and whatever the reason children end up malnourished it is the underlying reasons that need to be addressed. For now, lets be happy they are getting nourishment."

Alex Emm said: "My children would go without in the holidays without the vouchers to help me get by. I can cook, I budget everything that comes out of my account and I don't buy fags or booze with my benefits. I don't have Netflix or even a TV licence as I don't watch any TV.

"It's a struggle, I do work and have my wages topped up. The free school meals make it possible to maybe ease my financial situation."