READERS have had their say after a campaign group called for the end of the ‘frightening’ practice of transporting nuclear warheads along roads in Cumbria and elsewhere.

Cumbria and Lancashire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament made the call after a Ministry of Defence convoy believed to be carrying nuclear warheads from the Burghfield Nuclear Weapons Establishment in Berkshire to the Trident submarine base at Faslane in Scotland was spotted on the M6.

Campaigners from CND groups said they saw the convoy at the M6 passing junction 36 at Crooklands and later at junction 40 near Penrith.

Dave Smith said: “We don't live in a 1980s action movie, I think they'll be okay.”

Cee Cee said: “Frightening… get a grip.

“Do these protesters actually understand how nuclear weapons work? It’s not a live nuclear reactor they are transporting. The warheads won’t be armed.”

Alex Kerr said: “Why should they? They gotta go somewhere. We also have nuclear submarines being built here, in Barrow. That’s more ‘dangerous’ than a convoy passing though on the motorway.”

Dave Wild said: “They've been doing this for years. The only reason you notice now is because of what's going on in the world.”

Neil Sansom said: “What else they going to do? Send them by DHL? It’s not like they are being transported primed and ready to go?”

Dave Smith said: “Hermes leaves it in a random shed with a picture of a doorstop sent to the MOD.”

Les Mcleese said: “Lol they been doing it for years. Only highlighted because of the war. Nuclear stuff travels down through barrow on train too. Should we stop that?”

Julie Mclean said: “Yes stop them from coming to Scotland... keep them on your own doorstep.”

Julie Raven said: “Get Hermes involved no one will see them again.”

Gemma Elizabeth said: “Jesus. How else are they going to do it? Teleportation? Get a grip.”