MIXED views from readers after it was announced the leader of the borough council's Conservative group is among a trio of the party's senior councillors set to serve out the remainder of their terms as Independents. 

Cllr Hazel Edwards has been joined by Cllrs Wendy McClure and Martin McLeavy in cutting ties with the Tories.

In a joint statement, they accused the Barrow and Furness Conservative Association of being 'dysfunctional' and referenced a 'cabal of officers and some members' who 'seem to focus on their own self-importance and personal political ambitions rather than on the good of the community.

Dave J Taylor said: "These guys need to run as independents they seem to have the right attitude, residents before political party they represent is how it should be at local level government."

Michael P Cassells said: "Don’t know Cllr Edwards but when I was a Councillor I noticed the contribution to our community that both Martin and Wendy made through supporting good causes.

"They always were open to constructive debates about what was best for local people rather than blindly follow party lines. Good luck to all three."

Barbara Broadhead said: "Good luck in the coming elections to all of you. I am sure you are doing absolutely the right thing. People who work hard for the community are what we need especially now as we are going into the new system."

HellinaHandCart2020 said: "The local Conservative Party is run in the same fashion as Boris likes to have things. Self important with zero integrity.

"Slum landlords benefitting from local funds. Councillors shouldn't run companies that have tax payer funded contracts."

Shotover said: "I would do precisely the same in their shoes for what exists at the moment, is an utter insulting shambles and that includes what was once Labour."

Read My Lips said: "Not a Tory voter but it's good to see people of conviction something other Party Councillors should have.

"Hope people remember what you have done.

"To many vote for the party not the quality of the people which is why Labour have had so many abysmal PPC and MPs."