MOTORISTS are angry after it was announced they may face delays on the A590 this week as work continues on the new McDonald's restaurant.

Temporary traffic lights will be in operation on the A590 in Ulverston's Canal Street for works on the new McDonald's at Oubas Hill.

The traffic lights will be in operation from Wednesday January 12 until February 1 from 9am until 3.30pm.

McDonald’s chiefs had previously revealed the site would be set to open before mid-2020 after they were given the green light by South Lakeland District Council’s planning committee in June 2019.

bosses behind the fast food chain have now said they are aiming to open the Ulverston restaurant in Spring 2022.

Stephen Crellin said: "Why are they not doing it at night after the chaos last time."

Mark Williams said: "Absolutely unacceptable. It must be done overnight."

Kenneth Clark said: "They will close two lanes heading into Ulverston for work around the corner."

Caroline Shaw said: "Much better timings. Hopefully won't cause the absolute havoc and shambles as last time!"

Aithne O'halloran said: "Can’t wait for this, another hurdle to tackle trying to get to placement."

Barrow Insider: "Oh no, not McDonald's causing yet more traffic chaos and misery! Ulverston would be better off without it.

"It will cause accidents, trauma and general mayhem. Ulverston doesn't need McDonald's."

Cooper35 said: "Still don't know why they can't do it overnight.

"Presumably the residents twisted on about it. I was under the impression the local MP insisted they were done overnight."

The Observer said: "Once open more delays. The queues at my McDonalds drive through especially at Sunday lunch time are massive."

Bill Kendal said: "And once it is open it will cause tailbacks at the roundabout, which usually flows pretty well at the moment."

Jimbo's said: "Cant wait for it to open & with kfc coming soon it will be the making of this dated town."

Driver Dan said: "I'm afraid that we will have to just put up with the delays, vegans need their McPlant burgers!"

Boris' Johnson said: "The Hoad will be awash with cheeseburger wrappers and milkshake cups."