READERS have shared their views after frustrated members of Dalton Community Action Group (DCAG) went to extreme lengths to be heard.

During 2021, John Lyndsay of DCAG volunteered and began a survey of potholes and individual road repairs on behalf of the group that need addressing, and found 1,836 issues on just 34 streets, each of which will be reported individually to Cumbria County Council over the next couple of weeks by DCAG committee members.

The general feeling amongst DCAG is that any funds allocated on pothole repairs are being squandered on temporary, poor-quality fixes, which only last weeks or even days, so have to be constantly re-repaired.

Readers said that issues with potholes are widespread.

Lewis Buchanan said: "In the last five months I have gone through four tyres and one steel wheel, it's everywhere, it's not acceptable and the joke is I haven't claimed off the council because they want insurance details and it counts as a claim. Absolute joke." Alex Kerr said: "It's not just Dalton, it's all around. Park Drive up to the junction with Abbey Road is dreadful. Huge, deep potholes all along it. It's like doing a slalom to avoid them all. There are also a couple of really bad ones in the Matalan car park. Something needs to be done." Mark Currie said: "It’s outrageous that the brand new tarmac on market st was left unfinished. The potholes are seriously dangerous for cyclists. They closed the road off for months then leave it in a much worse state than before they arrived."

Alan Barrow said: "The whole of Dalton's roads are a disgrace someone is seriously going to get hurt because of it, why do we all pay road tax, where does our money go?"

Cheryl Askew said: "Barrow, Dalton, Ulverston, all areas are in a state with potholes." Margaret Clarke said: "Also really bad ones in the Range car park I think if you hit one of these you could disappear lol."