THERE was a mixture of opinions from readers as a petition calling for Sir Tony Blair to be stripped of his knighthood reached more than 220,000 signatures.

The former prime minister was appointed Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.

Handed down by the Queen, the honour is the oldest and most senior in the British system, with just 21 people currently holding it.

But the move has led to a backlash, with people pointing to his decision to take Britain to war in Iraq.

An online petition on claims the ex Labour PM committed ‘war crimes’, describing him as the ‘least deserving person of any public honour’.

Rachel Hayley said: "He was doing ok on the domestic scene. Going to war was his downfall, still those weapons of destruction they couldn't find could still be out there in desert buried in all that sand."

Bill Bates said: "So a man fortunate enough to have a top-rate private education and who then went on to a succession of extremely well paid career positions is worthy of a knighthood why, again?

"Just like 99% of other knighted people, this man has done nothing more than be privileged and rewarded handsomely for his work."

Grumpy fish said: "I hope all the complainants realise they are criticising the Queen's judgement. I don't have any facts but believe Sir Tony Blair might actually have been doing some worthwhile work since stepping down as PM. I don't endorse anything he may have done, I never liked the man but let's be fair."

BlueBlue said: "If our monarchy believes this man deserves a knighthood it's maybe time for a complete overhaul."

jodders3303 said: "By the logic of some apologist for this disgrace "Everyone who has been PM should be given this honour". Then the 'honour' is meaningless.

"Tony Blair should not receive such an honour and neither should Boris when he leaves office.

"This whole 'honours' thing is anachronistic and needs scrapped."