READERS have expressed their shock after a farmer discovered his sheep had been hounded into quicksand by a dog and died while unable to move.

Sixteen animals - as well as the lambs they were carrying - belonging to Wyke Farm were found to have perished at Humphrey Head, near Grange, on Monday morning.

Peter Wilson said his sheep had died in a 'horrendous' manner - either from exposure or drowning when the tide came in.

Joan Newton said: "So awful for farmers." Angela Butcher said: "They wouldn't go in themselves they must have been terrorised. People's attitude when dogs are involved in disgusts me.

"Keep them on a lead, if you keep a dog exercise it responsibly, fields are not playgrounds for your pets. If they were my sheep I would be distraught.

"Also a big financial loss to farmers who can ill afford losing stock or the added stress it causes." Mindy Phillips said: "What more can he do, he can sit there and shoot them!

"It's simple, dogs should NOT be off lead around livestock!

"And I am a massive animal lover, but sadly it sometimes takes a shock and if he shot someone's dog for being off lead and worrying his sheep, people might just take heed!!!!

"Keep your dogs on a lead around livestock!"

Craig Rothery said: "This is getting worse bring back the dog license system many dog owners do not care about livestock they think they can buy there way out of it with money. It’s not about the money imagine there your livestock and seeing them in the middle of the field massacred."

Christopher Wilde said: "It's always the owners fault, probably time to start training the owners before they can have a dog." Ann Whittaker said: "Heart breaking."

Jean Wilson said: "This is all down to brainless owners."