THE introduction of extra patrols that are being deployed to deter pet owners leaving behind dog mess has been met with scepticism.

Low Furness Councillor Ben Cooper has welcomed support from South Lakeland District Council to help tackle dog fouling following local complaints.

He said instances of dog mess on public footpaths, pavements and grass verges are on the rise again with perpetrators taking advantage of longer winter nights.

In a written response to Councillor Cooper, South Lakeland District Council confirmed they would be patrolling areas reported to be dog fouling hotspots and enforce fixed penalty notices against offenders.

Cllr Ben Cooper said: “I’ve been out and about across Low Furness in recent weeks with our latest “Clean Up after your Dog” campaign posters. Dog fouling is a disgusting offence, and a serious public health hazard, which carries a fine of between £75 to £1,000. Local residents have been in touch with me, flagging this as a major concern, so I’m glad we’re now delivering for them.

“More signage in the worst-affected areas will remind people that this is an offence, and I want to see more people fined when they’ve left their dog mess in public spaces."

Danny Smith said: "Rubbish, no one has been prosecuted in the past seven years throughout the borough for dog fouling, it’s alright extra patrols but let’s see results."

Ruth Procter said: "Can we do the same with litter too! I see more litter on the streets than dog poo."

Doreen Bibby said: "I mentioned the litter the other day. Everyone needs to step up I think."

Greg Rose said: "Take the dogs off them and let responsible owners adopt the dogs."

Donna Mumski said: "I'm all for posting people's dog poo through there letterboxes personally - without the bag."

Linda Hall said: "But how are you going to prosecute them, if they won't give their name and details and just give abuse?

"Most of this is done in the dark too, early mornings and late nights!"

Daniel Asplin said: "Well done Ben."

Barrow Lad said: "Still never noticed a single fine being imposed in Furness over the last year despite all the blustering of councillors.

"Streets still full of dog excrement."

LA590 said: "Its time we started talking about people that have cats, and refuse to have a cat litter tray.

"Letting them roam the streets to defecate on peoples lawns and soil beds. Disgusting!!