FRUSTRATION has risen in readers after Cumbria County Council proposed a tax rise.

The County Council is now seeking resident’s views on a proposal to increase the County Council’s share of council tax by 1.99 per cent for next year plus an additional one per cent to help fund/support social care.

Pressures on Council services continue to increase and with inflation forecast to be four per cent costs are predicted to rise leading to the key decision to increase Council Tax in the coming year.

Hindpool lad done good said: "Surely a review of staff requirements would have seen you can lose 20 per cent who have played at home for nearly two years and budget accordingly instead of just expecting the hard working to continually fund a lethargic backward looking council.

Fbpe555 said: "When will people realise the main problems come from the corrupt useless narcissistic Tories making cuts in funding from central government.

"They are only interested in lining their own pockets, see the mess of the social care bill, the cuts to the NHS, HS2 I could go on."

Gemma Quinn said: "Pay enough and I can't see anything done with the money, backstreet is a mess, falling to pieces, the streets are a mess with rubbish never mind the uneven front street slabs that stick up move when stood on and a lot of the public falling and having to be seen by paramedics."

Helen Johnston said: "Robbery! That’s what it is, what do we get nothing? 30 wheelie bins to be removed off our drives, neighbours so lazy they won’t take them back to their property.

"All this recycling.Where is our pay let alone a rise. Disgusting that’s what it is."

Dot Neate said: "We don't get the services we pay for now so no don't put it up."

Denise Dacre said: "I pay more than enough already."

Derek Haslam said: "What you do for the money? You take off us for 10 months of the year, you should be reducing it by 50 per cent."

Pat Shaw said: "Cut in councillors expenses, less travelling use zoom, cut in pay for people at top too."

"John Andrew Killip said: I don't see police walking round, street cleaners, the binmen leave more rubbish on the road than they pick up. I'm paying for brown bins waste removal what for I'd love to know.

"I object to paying more."