DRIVERS have said that the A590 roadworks need better time management after they created long delays.

Earlier this month temporary traffic lights were put in place near Booths roundabout at Oubas Hill in Ulverston, so United Utilities could connect the new McDonald’s development to the water network.

However, the maintenance work resulted in hours of delays on the A590, with traffic queuing from Ulverston town centre to Greenodd roundabout.

One motorist said it took more than two hours to drive from the Dock Museum in Barrow to Ulverston town centre because of the maintenance work.

Construction work was put to a halt and rescheduled after United Utilities contractors and staff faced an 'unprecedented amount of physical and verbal abuse' from drivers caught up in the delays.

Dalton said: "This stinks. The works are essential for a development the various councils passed.

"It is not the place of councils to then dictate when works take place to comfort a few impatient motorists. It sets a nasty precedent."

Bramley Moore said: "A few? A few thousand more like. The main problem is the traffic lights were put up when no work was being done on site. It wouldn't be so bad if there was an alternative route."

Florence Lipton said: "It just needs better traffic management.

"Setting the lights too quickly and you spend more time waiting than moving. If the traffic management team had done there jobs properly it wouldn't be a problem.

"Get a proper team in place to watch traffic build up and manage the lights properly. Am I the only one that can see it?"

Mary Giles said: "Much less public disturbance overnight. Very few residential properties close to where they are working.

"The works can not be allowed to cause the total chaos, that was caused last time.

"It is totally unacceptable to make people hours late for appointments, work, school, and emergencies.

"If this work is for McDonald's benefit, then any extra costs should be incurred by them."

Dervampir said: "I am just wondering why United Utilities have deemed night working unviable.

"Let me see. Is it anything to do with not wanting to spend any of the eye-watering profits United Utilities make, on paying overtime?

"Charge McDonald's for it, they can afford it too."

Barrow Insider said: "Quite right!

"Charge McDonald's for all this chaos. And they haven't even opened yet."