This week I, Bald Foodie Guy, tried out a popular Dalton bakery.

I got a very special delivery; a pie delivery – or should I say pies.

I got two pies to try out from The Pie Shop in Dalton – they can be found at 83 Market Street.

One pie was meat and potato and the other was chicken and chorizo.

All of their pies are baked on the premises and they were still warm despite being baked first thing in the morning.

The meat and potato pie cost me £1.90, while the chicken and chorizo pie from the specials was £2.40.

The Pie Shop has been established since 2018, and it is a team of bakers who are passionate about what they do.

They do pies, they do cakes, they do all sorts. They are a very popular pie shop.

The bakers bake all of these, they are not from the supermarket – they are proper pies, so I was expecting these to be really tasty.

First up to try was the meat and potato pie.

I cut it down the middle, and on one side there was a lot of potato with a little bit of meat spread round the sides, but it still looked good.

On the other half there seemed to be a bit more meat – it didn't half look juicy.

It was so tasty and moist.

The potato was well cooked and soft, and it was all seasoned well.

The pastry was lovely.

I was amazed at that pie; it took me by surprise, to be honest.

I had to have another bite of that – I just couldn't stop eating it!

Next up was the chicken and chorizo.

There was a nice amount of heat coming from the chorizo – it was lovely.

The pie was just so tasty. Wow.

I've had a few pies from the supermarkets, but this was just in another world and on another level.

What a difference.

The chicken and chorizo was so tasty together and the crunch of the pastry was just beautiful.

I had my doubts with this one if I'm honest, but I tell you what; the hairs on the back of my head stood up because it is that good.

I can see why the shop is always so busy.

A lot of people said try The Pie Shop, and you know what, I wish that I tried it sooner.

People said this was good, and they were right.

It's just a joy to eat something that lovely.

These are so good and worth every penny.

If you live in Dalton, you're probably already going here.

I highly recommend it – if I had to mark it, I'd give it full marks.

I'll be going back, that's for sure.

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