READERS have had their say after unvaccinated carers became unable to legally work in care homes across the county.

Tens of thousands of care home staff who have not had both coronavirus vaccine doses are affected after the Government's mandatory jab policy kicked in on Thursday.

Staff working in registered care homes must have had both jabs to continue in their role, unless they are medically exempt.

Stephen D Jay said: "Sad reality is, that if you are unvaccinated you could unintentionally kill someone your supposed to be caring for. If medically exempt they need to have conversations with management. If anti vax, get a move to a different dept or get another job.

"If a care home person after the deadline expires catches and dies from covid expect families to sue the heck out of the carers and/or companies for lack of protection practices."

Kelly Blezard said: "No one should ever be coerced (by fear, freedom or money) into medical treatment that's still on trial especially a leaky one requiring booster after booster. These are highly trained skilled carers that have had their livelihoods taken away and on the 11th November of all days."

Janet Poskitt said: "At the beginning of this pandemic care homes were crying out for the vaccines for staff and patients they have had long enough time to sort themselves out and get vaccinated."

DrewPeacock said: "Government seem to have forgot about natural immunity. The best form of immunity. Yet still sacking people even though they are less risk than the vaccinated. Absolute crazy!!"

Duncan Mills said: "I'm double jabbed and all for it, but what I can't understand is the vaccine as far as I'm aware prevents the receiving person suffering severe symptoms and that's it. Doesn't stop you catching it or spreading it so what's the purpose of mandating it? As double jabbed or not it's not going to impact people bringing it into care homes."