A PERSONAL trainer who sent out an important message to society after she was harassed by a group of men when out on a late night run receives positive feedback.

31-year old, Rebbeca Shuttleworth was out for a run at 9:30pm one night when she was harassed by a group of 12 men.

She was about half way through her run when she noticed this group of men walking in front of her, one started running behind her as she passed them.

He repeatedly ran ahead of her, stopping and running backwards towards, trying to make the point he was faster than her.

Beth reacted and stopped, turned to him and asked him if he enjoyed intimidating women in the street. He looked at her in shock and said: 'I'm only having a laugh' then dropped back and she continued with her run.

Janet Bury said: "Well done for educating this man.

"He may have thought he was just having a laugh but now hopefully will know better! I bet he felt like an idiot."

Hermes10 said: "'Just a bit of fun' is that well hackneyed excuse for harassment and intimidation.

"Unfortunately due to the nanny state she is not allowed to carry pepper spray which she could have used for "a bit of a laugh". Swings and roundabouts."

nosensenononsense said: "What a good idea, escalate the situation by a physical attack (aka get you retaliation in first).

"That'll always end well.

"At the end of the day, while i don't condone the 'showing off' by some kid who clearly has some growing up to do and understand how a lone woman could feel threatened, my point stands.

"The use and possession of pepper spray is covered, ie prohibited, by the Firearms act. It's a weapon and can be used offensively."

Dalton said: "What time of day? Location? Might help with an appropriate comment.

"Sounds like it was just a bit of fun with no verbal or physical abuse.

"She might have found these lads would come to her aide if she fell etc, which begs the question about running late. Was she wearing high viz clothing ?"

Bonkersbarrow said: "12 men behaving inappropriately to a lone female is not a "bit of fun".

"Why turn it round and blame her for running late? She can run whenever she likes and what does high viz have to do with verbal abuse?"