BARROVIANS are angered after a health chief has urged people to wear face coverings to help reduce the spread of Covid and prevent the NHS becoming overwhelmed.

Colin Cox, Cumbria’s director of public health, is one of a rising number of health officials and scientists calling on the Government to impose its ‘Plan B’, which would see the return of certain Covid measures including social distancing and the wearing of face coverings.

His comments come as Barrow recorded the second highest number of new Covid cases in the county last week with 670, a rise on the previous week.

Publicists said: "Masks don't work for the following reason especially in Barrow. Poor families cannot afford to replace worn masks after every time they are worn. This means they use the same piece of cloth constantly thus creating an even worse infection risk."

Grumpyoldbiker said: "Was our natural immune system system not compromised because of lack of social interaction during lock down?

"Unless they are medical grade masks are they not pointless? Are viruses not transmissible through the eyes? We have not seen both sides debate adequately on the mainstream media. Anyone who questions anything is labelled as anti vax."

Bidens a fraud said: "Last winter there was no colds or flu first time in history.

"I didn't wear a face nappy last time I wont this time, I haven't had the experimental jab."

JoeBloggs81 said: "All you doctors out there saying masks don't work.

"The uk currently has more covid cases than Germany, France, Spain and Italy combined and guess what, we are the only country where masks aren't mandatory.

"Let's not forget our world beating test and trace that's cost the country 60 billion.

"The only reason there is no uproar about this is because most of you fools believe a pathological liar by the name of Boris and voted for him.

"Still defending him also while living costs sky rocket. Well done."

EddBanzai said: "You need to wear a mask which slightly hinders your breathing, in order to stop the transmission of a "virus" which slightly hinders your breathing. Genius!"