A SUCCESSFUL campaign which saw speed cushions finally being installed on Bigger Bank Road aimed at slamming the brakes on reckless motorists has been criticised.

Residents of the Walney community have worked alongside Labour county councillor Frank Cassidy to bring about improvements after many instances of speeding drivers causing near-misses in recent years.

Pinch-points, warning signs and road safety markings were introduced on the carriageway around 20 months ago, but Covid restrictions halted the works that were being implemented by Cumbria County Council.

The road was closed for six days while the speed cushions were put in place and the highway has now re-opened.

Chris Myers said: “They aren't going to do any good. They aren't even painted and they needed to be better than they actually are, they are useless.”

Christine Johnson said: “Is that the best they could come up with?”

Anthony Perkins said: “I hope it buggers up their axles and suspension by speed freaks driving fast over them.”

Dawn Mckellar said: “It's better than those awful other ones that wreck your car when going over them.”

Nosensenononsense said: “It’s a shame councillors don't apply the same level of consideration to the North road 30mph zone. Not that many, if any stick to it.

“There is an added problem that increases the potential for a serious accident, the water run off from BAE on the apex of the slight bend (and the gravel it washes onto the road). If a loss of control results in mounting the pavement, god help any pedestrians.”

“If you ask me, the way and speeds people drive along there assures a serious accident is only a matter of time.”

Peter Sullivan said: “It’s insane that it's taken so long, while other far less important or pointless things have money spent on them.”

Walney Lad said: “A bus shelter next please Frank.”

Craig Warriner said: “Just go over the top of them like Holker Street.”