This week I, Bald Foodie Guy, decided to raise the heat and try something new.

I only went and ordered an Indian from Thanbir Tandoori, which can be found on Cavendish Street in Barrow.

We ordered two lots of poppadoms, two pickle trays, a lamb saag, a chicken naga, one large pilau rice and one keema naan.

We ordered it through Barrow Eats, and it came to the grand total of £24.80.

I couldn't wait to get into this, I'd never had it before.

The food was all red hot as I got it out of the takeaway bag.

First up was the chicken naga, which was full to the brim in its tub - you can't argue with that can you.

I tried the sauce first, it's like a vindaloo and a madras.

There was quite a bit of heat which picked up at the back of the palette.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

It had one great punch.

The bits of chicken in the dish were massive and there was quite a lot of it - they were huge, like big boulders.

The chicken was lovely, it was like Tandoori chicken - beautiful.

I had never had something like this dish before.

It was so flavoursome, and so tasty.

Next I moved on to the lamb saag.

This dish was absolutely gorgeous, it's lamb and spinach.

Up to now, that was the best lamb saag that I have ever had to eat. It really was so tasty.

It even had lots of healthy vegetables. Very flavoursome.

The lamb was really tender as well, it just fell apart.

The pilau rice was very, very colourful. In fact, I don't think I had ever had rice that colourful before.

It had a really good flavour too it as well, I'd never had pilau rice like that before. It had a great floral flavour to it.

The keema naan had bits of meat scattered around inside of it, but that's to be expected to be honest. I very rarely get a keema naan that has the inside completely covered in meat.

The naan was moist and tasty, it was seasoned well and the meat inside was spicy.

I really couldn't fault it.

The poppadoms and sauces were also great, but you can't go wrong with those.

You just cannot beat an Indian takeaway can you, the food was amazing.

I would definitely buy this again, this was a winner in my eyes.

It might be a little bit expensive but the quality is there and that's all that matters.

The stand out dish was the chicken naga.

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