'CHRISTMAS is cancelled'. That's the fear from one Mail reader after news that Nestle is facing supply issues over its popular Quality Street chocolate.

Brits are being warned they may face a Christmas without a tub of Quality Street chocolate as Nestle has said it is currently experiencing some supply chain problems.

A number of sectors have recently had problems with their supply chains due to an ongoing shortage of HGV drivers, with global backlogs with shipping also playing a part.

However, Mark Schneider, the chief executive of Nestle - which makes goods including Quality Street, Lion bars, Aero and KitKat - told the BBC that it was working hard to make sure products made it onto supermarket shelves for this winter.

He said: "Like other businesses, we are seeing some labour shortages and some transportation issues but it's our UK team's top priority to work constructively with retailers to supply them.

When the chief executive was asked whether he could guarantee Quality Street would be in the shops this Christmas he replied: "We are working hard."

Mail readers are split on opinion on facing the prospect of a Christmas without a tub of Quality Street chocolate this year.

Joan Higgins said: "The boxes have shrunk so much more this year that transport shouldn’t be a problem.

"They can get double amount in every lorry."

Ange O'Halloran said: "We're not running out of anything. It's just to get people panic buying again.

"It'll be Christmas veg next!"

Julie Clarke said: "Well the Roose Tesco had lots but I bet you after people reading this there will be none tomorrow."

Andrea Lynne said: "Well that will be Christmas cancelled then if I can't get my Quality Street."

Susan Doak said: "I'm sure we can live without them."

Dave Thompson said: "Who cares? Bring on the Celebrations and Heroes."