WE asked our readers where the best place to get a takeaway from was in Furness - here's who they chose.

1. Andy's Takeaway

Andy's Takeaway can be found on Hastings Street in Barrow.

It is an a multi award winning fish and chip shop which also sells pizzas, burgers, kebabs, chicken pieces, jacket potatoes, steaks and more.

Bernadette Horan chose this as her favourite.

2. La Pizzeria

La Pizzeria, located on Lesh Lane in Barrow, is a popular choice for food lovers - particularly for fans of pizza.

They are known for their classic pizzas as well as those with much more unique flavours such as chicken tikka and bolognese.

Emma Holdforth chose this as her favourite takeaway.

3. Panda Garden

Panda Garden is a Chinese restaurant and takeaway found on Duke Street, Barrow.

They offer a wide variety of tasty Chinese goods, and if you sit in, the all you can eat buffet is sure to please.

From soups to curry, seaweed to prawn toast, there's lots to choose from.

4. Sweet Pepper Cafe

The Sweet Pepper Cafe is a vegan establishment that can be discovered on Barrow's Dalton Road.

They pride themselves on plant based dishes including burgers, wraps, noodles and pasta.

There is something for everyone, with non-vegans able to find dishes they enjoy.

5. Kitchen Wizard

Kitchen Wizard, based on Tudor Square, has served the Dalton community for over 25 years.

Each Wednesday and Saturday is pizza night, with every Thursday, Friday and Sunday dedicated to burger night.

All the ingredients are made on site, including the burgers, buns, relish and their famous garlic mayo.