The Mail readers react to anti-vaccines protesters staging a demonstration outside a popular children’s play area in Barrow Park on Saturday.

The placard-waving small group of three people stood outside the entrance to the play area where kids were enjoying themselves.

They laid out signs claiming there had been 1,517 UK vaccine deaths and assumptions that it is harming and killing people as well as that it can cause blinding and heart attacks, intending to put people off getting the vaccine.

Paula Madhlope-Phillips said: "No one is forcing them to have a vaccine, so why do they think it’s ok to try of force people not to.

"Everyone is entitled to make their own informed decision. Crazy."

Norman G said: "Take a look at the statistics of hospitalisation for young people due to vaccine and by Covid. The vaccine doesn't look as good then.

"I am not anti vaccine but the data for The young is not as compelling."

Garth West said: "Not as good as we thought, having the vaccine is accelerating its spread due to the levels of virus a vaccinated person carries.

"Next the government will target the children in schools, and also get ready for a half term lockdown. Been played the lot of you."

Dalton said: "To date the evidence is that the vaccines reduce the number of people who are likely to die from underlying illnesses.

"These people are entitled to voice an opinion and not take a vaccine but some of us don't have to listen."

Greasy Strangler said: "I was advised five months ago by someone in the know, to prepare yet again for a mini lockdown towards the end of September/October.

"Guess what, that's most likely happening. Why do people still think this entire thing is about a virus? Official ONS Figures show that it's less fatal than the flu. People have gone crazy.

"Half the town are still wearing masks, half the town got ill after the vaccines."